We are approved & provide services for federal, state, and local agencies such as:

  • Vesid (Office of Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities)
  • Workforce Development (Unemployment, Low Income, Displaced Workers)
  • Allstate & State Farm Insurance companies

Defensive Driving Course

  • If you need to take the Defensive Driving Course, please visit the National Safety Counsil website to take the course online. If you enter the Referral Code #746, you will receive a $5 discount.
  • Courses also offered in our office and at school. Please call for scheduled weekends and more information.

Teen Driving is a Privilege

Here are some tips to help parents make it clear and safe for their child. (Credits to: http://www.nhtsa.gov/Teen-Drivers)

Welcome to Kerry Professional Driving School

What made you decide to open this type of business? Ken has been a professional tractor trailer-driver for almost 33 years and believes the quality of training of new drivers is inadequate. Many new drivers are being taught by people who have recently got their CDL's (commercial driver's licenses) or fewer than five years of experience in group lessons.

Target customer: A man or woman who is thinking about getting a CDL, age 21 and older looking for a satisfying career, or people in their 30s and 40s who are looking to start a new career. Drivers are in demand, and it is one of the jobs that will never be replaced by a machine. It is a good-paying, honest job with benefits. Within the next 10 years, the driver shortage is predicted to be well over 100,000, so the pay and benefits will continue to get better...

What makes your business special? I train one-on-one because I want the student's full attention. We also stress safety as our No. 1 goal. We are very thorough, from our pre-trip inspections through road test and everything in between..